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We offer 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day cleanses. Please place your order online using the "Order Online" tab above. We highly suggest placing your cleanse order for pick-up on Tuesdays. See below for more info.

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Our environment and our busy schedules can make it very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance and we find ourselves looking for a way to get back to feeling healthy and energetic. Around 70% of your energy is spent on digesting food everyday. When we drink fresh juice from whole fruits and veggies rather than eat them, it gives our digestive system a break, and allows our bodies to easily absorb the flood of nutrients we are taking in. This break gives our body the time to focus on healing itself and flushing out stubborn toxins and waste.

Our bodies have the power to heal themselves; they just need to be given a chance to do so. If we are constantly taxing our body by feeding it unhealthy and processed foods, we are not giving it the opportunity to keep us in optimal health. A purposeful juice cleanse can help transform your life in many different ways.

Here are just a few benefits of doing a juice cleanse:

  • Rid your body of toxins

  • Jump-start weight loss

  • Give your digestive system a rest

  • Rehydrate which improves energy and skin tone

  • Reduce chronic inflammation

  • Help with autoimmune diseases

  • Lightning bolt of vitamins and minerals

A juice cleanse is a great way to break back into healthy eating habits, but it is also important to consider your motives for wanting the benefits from your cleanse.

Ask yourself why you want to achieve those benefits. What will attaining it mean for you? How will it impact your life? Having a clear vision of your goal will make it easier to remind yourself of why you are doing it and press on in moments of weakness.

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  • Begin each morning with a glass of warm water with lemon. Warm lemon water is my best friend during a juice cleanse. It’s an incredible liver stimulant and it helps begin the cleansing process before you even take a sip of that first juice.

  • Hydration is essential! Staying well hydrated helps to cleanse the body and reduce discomforts such as hunger, fatigue, & headaches. We encourage you to drink 128oz of water a day.

  • Sip on a new juice every 2-3 hours throughout the day. Do not wait until you feel hungry to drink the next juice. You will stay energized all day as long as you stay ahead of the game! If you notice at any time that your energy is starting to decrease, drink about a quarter of a bottle of juice. Skipping juice will likely leave you feeling hungry and can result in a drop in your blood sugar, which can leave you feeling lethargic and maybe even give you a headache.

  • Focus on relaxing! Allow your body and mind to relax. Get plenty of rest and take naps if possible. Important: Go to bed early! Nightly baths are a wonderful way to relax. Add Epsom salts or lavender essential oil.

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  • We recommend consuming ONLY the juice and plain, pure water. However, we understand that the program can be challenging and sometimes you just need a little something. The best option is to consume decaf herbal teas. Sparkling water is ok, as long as it has no added ingredients. Gum is not recommended as it usually contains chemicals.

  • Coffee?? We recommend not including caffeine during your cleanse, but we understand that coffee might be a part of your everyday routine. If you can't live without it - that’s ok! (just no cream or sugar)

  • Do not get discouraged if you feel the need to eat. If you must, stick to organic fruits and vegetables (avocado, blueberries, strawberries, leafy greens), soaked nuts, or other healthy and delicious food options.

  • Feel free to exercise, but don’t overdo it. It’s important to listen to your body. Limit yourself to light exercise like walks, yoga, and stretching.

  • When we say you are going to feel great, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will feel great every second of the cleanse. But afterward, you will feel amazing! It’s like working out in that you might not enjoy it every second, but you sure do relish the benefits. So hang in there and enjoy the many rewards to come!

  • Will I be on the toilet all day? NO! This is not that type of cleanse (not doing a colonoscopy). If your body isn't used to this type of CLEAN eating or if fruits/veggies aren't in your daily diet, you may experience this side effect.

  • How often should I do a cleanse: There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone's body is different. Some people cleanse only when they feel their body needs to reset, while others will do a 3 day cleanse, monthly! Once you complete the cleanse for the first time you will be able to get a feel for how your body responds.

  • Can I do a cleanse when pregnant or breastfeeding? While cold-pressed juice is SAFE while pregnant and breastfeeding, a JUICE-ONLY diet is not recommended as your baby needs fat, protein and calories and a cleanse limits all 3.

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